."Bicycles have not only be▓come the main transportation

for regular pe▓ople but also for▓ workers who move stuff from one place to another but of cours▓e lite stuff only,▓" the man sai▓d.For the people in Douma, the transportation at this moment

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or the civilians at low pr▓ices.People were seen carrying heavy ▓bags of potat

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o while expressing reli▓ef that th▓ey could finally buy food at l▓ow prices, as

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ev▓erything wa▓s extremely expen▓sive during the r▓ebels' con▓trol in Douma al▓

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so due to th▓e siege that was imposed on▓ that area and other rebel-held areas▓ in Eastern Ghouta.▓Since fully▓ capturing it from the rebel▓s early April, the government made several moves t▓o alleviate the suffering of t▓he peo

ple who have been large▓ly affected by the war ▓th

ere.A mobile oven▓ has been sent ▓to Douma w▓ith a daily pr▓oduction capac▓ity of five tons of bread to meet the demands of the people there.On Saturday,▓ a government-bac▓ked shopping